New Venture

We starting a new (ad)venture. We’re going to make a film – a short film to include in our revamped and renamed stage show.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve written anything here so to briefly update…….

October 2018: DeannaTheMusical ran for 8 performances. It was a success on so many levels – from audiences laughing in all the right places to a cast and crew who enjoyed their roles and did their utmost to give their best every show. It caused me to feel so motivated I wrote a second Deanna show!

Our happiness with how the show worked and was received lead us to feel confident about proceeding with our plan of bringing the show to Sydney in 2020………

2019: A year to recover, review and revise the show – to apply what was learnt from audience’s responses.One of the main things audiences wanted to know was about Princess Deanna’s and Prince Bruce’s backstory as well as how the Queendom of Australia came into being! To remedy this  I’ve  written in a Narrator to open the show and provide this info. Audiences also wanted to know  the story of how Deanna’s Fairy Godmother came to have gender reassignment therapy! Consequently I’ve expanded the Fairy Godmothers part to give more of her backstory. 

When I wrote the second show I realised that there was a small segment  of it that required a different cast to the rest of the show and this meant making a small film.I also realised this film would be better utilised in the first show. So before beginning production on the show for the stage, we need to make the film.

2020 February: I pitch the show to Flight Path Theatre in the Inner West. They love the show and want us to do it in their theatre mid year. 

March: theatres are closed indefinitely. Covid confusion sets in where do we go from here??? 

July theatres have limited opening. Can we proceed? but what if we get a company together and then in 2 month’s time one of us gets ill  with co vid and we have to cancel everything? 

August : I didn’t want to delay any longer. The short film needs to be made before we begin work on the show so we decide to proceed to cast this.

September The chances of falling ill look to be decreasing over time so we are hopeful of being able to the film then doing the show next year.

For now its: “Onward and upward” in this very exciting – regardless of Covid 19 – year for us.

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