Update on production progress:

We achieved another milestone on the way to getting Deanna The Musical to the stage: I made a recording of myself singing the part of Deanna to instrumental backing – ready for our singers to use. We begin auditions in the next few weeks.


I made the recording because, while all the music is from musicals and pop-songs of the late twentieth century and probably known to our cast, I’ve rewritten all the lyrics. Our show is a send up after all. So I need the cast to hear from the outset how my lyrics fit the music.


I love writing or rather rewriting lyrics – particularly when I can make a song humorous or give it a twist or both. My favourite from Deanna The Musical is my take on Big Spender – I’m Doctor Lady Deanna Spender. It’s the moment in the show when Princess Deanna tells her husband, Crown Prince Bruce of New South Wales, about the moment when she first saw him. She was working as a child psychologist in a child care centre when he walked in… Have a listen please.


The other milestone – I’ve begun hunting for the props and costumes for the show – a lot of evening wear! The first costume I’ve acquired is for The Royal Family’s Fairy God Mother Stephanie. Check it out!


Now we just need to find the right person to fill it. Onwards and upwards, Dee.

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