We’ve found a theatre and are now looking for a cast!

I’m so delighted we now have a theatre and dates for our production. The Royal Exchange Theatre in uptown Newcastle. All Fridays and Saturdays in October 2018!! With the show opening on Friday the 5th October we are now beginning the search for a cast. We have a number of roles available.

Our show is a satire and  the music that we’re using is from musicals and pop-songs from the late twentieth century. If you’re an actor who can sing check out who we’re looking for below:

Sir Irving Sydney : a professional assistant to Princess Deanna – a man in his late thirties to forties.

Dame Doctor Lady Glad Spender: Deanna’s mother and mega-star of stage and screen – a woman in her fifties to sixties.

Lord Ernest Spender: Deanna’s father and a mega-star of stage and screen – a man in his fifties to sixties.

Stephanie: the Royal Family’s Fairy Godmother, who until her recent gender reassignment therapy was the Royal Family’s Godfather – a man in his forties to fifties.

Sir Carl Broadhurst: a professional assistant to the Fairy Godmother – a man in his thirties to forties.

We will be holding auditions in Newcastle on May 5, if you’re interested in any of these roles please email me deejohnson442@gmail.com.

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