Our First Production Meeting

Remembrance Day 2017. A huge milestone day for me. In the 1990s I’d played with the thought: who would an Australian princess be? Now, on this day, I was going to have actors giving voice to the musical I wrote from that idea – after a quarter of a century.

Our production group were gathered together for our first face to face meeting and first reading of Deanna The Musical – our consultant producer, assistant director/jewellery designer, our lead female actor, an acting colleague (who was generously giving his time on the day ) to read our male lead and executive producer/writer/director i.e. me.

Everyone was very keen.The fact that Deanna The Musical has 12 speaking parts (11 as yet uncast) and we had 2 actors on the day – a mere technical difficulty. Everyone in our production group has an acting background so they relished the chance to play with a number of roles each.And relish them they did! Not just the acting but also the ideas all had around making comedy and the general air, throughout the arvo, of pleasure in each other’s company.

We all came away with the feeling that we had an exciting project to share with our arts community.

Our meeting gave me huge joy after so long as a solitary writer. It’s such a thrill to have so many people offer help this past year and see people want to be part of the Deanna The Musical possibilities.

I’d wanted to post pics today of our meeting but we were so engaged with each other and the work that no one – let alone me – thought to take selfies or a groupie – next time…

I know you’re eager to know more, so to save you the hassle of checking the site daily (or hourly for the eager beavers :-P) we’d encourage you to click “follow” in the bottom right corner of the screen to be notified whenever we update.

1 thought on “Our First Production Meeting

  1. I love it Dee can’t wait to see it


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