Dee Johnson Entertainment Presents: Deanna The Musical


Deanna, Princess of New South Wales The Musical Comedy is a new Australian musical that encourages audiences to become creative. ‘’As long as you express yourself, you’ll thrive.” is our company’s motto.

With Britain’s Royals in the news again, we look at what it would be like to have an Australian princess in this 21st century.

A fairytale about doing what you want to do and being where you belong even if your a cabaret singer named Lady Deanna Spender who becomes a reluctant ‘People’s Princess’ taken on to save an Australian monarchy threatened by republicanism! 


DEANNA THE MUSICAL – a satire on royalty, celebrity and marketing. Follow us here to see our production progress.


4 thoughts on “Dee Johnson Entertainment Presents: Deanna The Musical

  1. All the best Dee!! Cannot wait to see your musical in the theatre!!!

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  2. Fantastic Dee congratulations, you deserve all the success for your hard work. Brilliant script. Can’t wait to move ahead to the next stage….love from your assistant director Juliexxxxx

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    1. Thank you Julie for all your on going friendship, encouragement and support over soo many years. You and I’ve loved each other’s art for a lot of years – whatever form it took -writing, acting, singing, clowning, painting, drawing, jewellery creation etc. Now, to be able to work on an art project like “Deanna ” with you is my dream come true. My script would still be sitting in the drawer for the next 25 years, as it did for the previous 25, if it weren’t for you. Love Dee xo


  3. Thank you so much Justina. We hope all our wishes come true for our fairy tale and we’re seeing you in a theatre in the not too distant future. L Dee.


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